Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Unity? Justice?

Some disjointed, somewhat frustrated, semi-tired, quasi-irritated, nominally hopeful musings from the UCC forum:

GLBT people are accepted, 'conservatives' feel shunned.
'Conservatives' get their way, GLBT people don't feel welcomed.

I've come to accept that unity (at least the definition of unity that is being used here, that is, holding together despite glaring differences in ideas) is largely an illusion to which we can aspire with all our might but ultimately is not possible. Chalk it up to our sinful nature, chalk it up to people placing more importance on 'being prophetic' (liberals) or 'speaking the truth in love' (conservatives), chalk it up to [the group you don't agree with] just being a bunch of poopyheads.

It just all gets absurdly tiresome, doesn't it?

I was a little frustrated in my last post. I've since gotten out of the house and feel better.

I vaguely recall a line from Neibuhr's 'Christ and Culture' that roughly went like this: 'Some point out Jesus' citing of the commandment to love God and mistake it for a commandment to love love.' When, I wonder, do we come to a point where we love justice or unity more than we love God?

Perhaps that's just a bit of semantics. OR, perhaps there comes a point when something gets sacrificed that God would have wanted us to hold onto...where justice is sacrificed for unity or unity for justice, or when God wants us to sacrifice when we choose to cling. And when in all our bickering and fingerpointing do we lose both?

'That they may all be one.'
'I haven't come to bring peace but a sword.'


I was probably a little too cynical. Unity in some form is possible. I give thanks for the moments when it appears.