Friday, November 04, 2005

You Can Tell That It's a Slow Day

I picked up this meme from Emerging Grace. In a manner of speaking, I have a 6-day work week this week, so I have no problem looking like I did absolutely nothing today. That was my intent. So without further ado...

Ten years ago
I was just starting my junior year...of high school. So that means that I was playing a snot-nosed British kid in a murder mystery, was cheering my school's football team to a (failed) run at the championship, and dealing with the ups and downs of my first serious relationship with the opposite sex. You know, teenager stuff.

Five years ago
Senior year of college. I'd all but completely quit on the evangelical college group, was writing my Honors thesis on the theology of Karl Barth, was engaged to my now lovely wife (she's now my wife, she's always been lovely), and wishing that I'd tried out for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I believe that it was in the fall that I'd made my first visit to Eden Seminary as well.

One year ago
I was living in an apartment in St. Louis preparing to give my trial sermon at the church I now serve, eagerly keeping up with the presidential debates, and doing my best to keep a trimmer waist.

Five yummy things
Vanilla bean cheesecake
Skyline chili
French fries

Five songs I know by heart
Amazing Grace
I Heard it Through the Grapevine
Some other old hymns

Five things I would do with a lot of money
Pay off my wife's student loans
Pay off other debts
Give a large chunk to mission projects (mental illness and AIDS both come to mind)
Give to scholarships
See Europe

Five places I would to escape to
Coffee house
My car (just driving wherever)
An empty church sanctuary

Five things I would never wear
Leather pants
High heels

Five favorite TV shows
The Sopranos
Arrested Development
Family Guy
The Simpsons

Five things I enjoy doing
Playing music
Enjoying the company of friends and family

Favorite toys
CD burner

Five people who get this meme
Whomever wants to carry it on. I'm not sure how many in my particular audience would be interested.