Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Links and Whatever

Christmas is still raging here. We're in between celebrations at the moment. The in-laws get in tonight and then we eat ham and green bean casserole all over again.

The weekend was marvelous. Christmas Eve service turned out to last a quick two hours or so, complete with pre-worship music (I was part of a trio who contributed our own rendition of the Barenaked Ladies' 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'), lessons, carols, and 'Silent Night' by candlelight. Christmas Day service, unfortunately, felt like an afterthought after a service that seemed to fire on all spiritual cylinders (and with a pastor who was trying to work up the same level of energy but couldn't quite make it). The office has been very quiet this week, for which on some level I suppose I should be thankful after an Advent season that was the opposite.

I've run through two books this week: The Color Purple by Alice Walker and Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski. In their own ways, they're both tales of adversity, faith, and relying on others.

Greg is wondering what a real pastor is.

The GalBlogPals are gearing up for their new devotional book, Ordinary Time (and I'm contributing to this one).

RealLivePreacher has a story about prayer in two parts: here's one and here's two.