Friday, December 16, 2005

A Long-Winded Pop Culture Roundup

I've been giving A Generous Orthodoxy a lot more of my time than Devil in the White City, but am still reading both. McLaren gives his own take on what's positive and potentially destructive about a whole slew of schools of thought, ultimately sharing why he's a little bit of each one. I finished up with his chapter 'Why I am a Fundamentalist/Calvinist' last night. He dares to redefine TULIP! His objections to Calvinist thought are typical: make too much of Calvin's take on predestination, end up falling into determinism, why does anything I do matter in such a system, what the heck kind of God is that, etc. He even goes so far to suggest that as we move out of modernism and into post-modernism, Calvinism will be making a mad scramble to hold its worldview as it works better in modernism. I'll have to read more about modernism/post-modernism, because I find that I need to read paragraphs of McLaren a couple times before understanding the difference he suggests between the two.

Hey, on a somewhat related note, I ended up at a Christian bookstore last night with a few gift cards left over from Christmas last year. This particular bookstore is one of the major players in Christian paraphenalia here (not sure how far they reach, though people in Missouri have heard of this place, so I guess pretty far). I don't go there very often unless I have a gift card because I'm less than satisfied with their selection (Osteen and Warren and Meyers, oh my!). They DO have an extensive collection of music that I enjoy, but I don't really go there for the books. Anyway, I was looking at the cheapie bargain shelves and found one lone copy of Who Killed Jesus? by John Dominic Crossan for $2.00. I found that amusing in a way that only someone like me could. I didn't buy it because I already had my intended purchase in hand and had resolved to only use the gift cards, but for $2.00 I might go back. I was also in one of my moods about books that proclaim, 'We're not like the fundies!' so I don't think I would have bought it anyway. At least not then. Okay, that's my story. Moving on...

I can share what I DID buy with my gift cards, but have to tell another story first. Okay, in college I listened to a decent amount of Christian music. That's chiefly what I bought at the time, save for whenever Dave Matthews Band came out with a new album. I was mainly into ska and had (still have) a lot of Five Iron Frenzy (still a favorite, though they broke up a few years ago), The Supertones (but they've gone Limp Bizkit or something) and The Insyderz (I haven't paid attention to what happened to them). I also listened to some of the staples like dc Talk and Jars of Clay, but mainly I liked ska. But near the end of college, Christian ska's boom period started to wane and with the overabundance of less-than-original 3-chords-on-an-acoustic-guitar-and-a-dozen-cliches Christian music, I decided it was about time to move on. But at some point during college I had retained the following: Klank, Circle of Dust, and a couple samplers from Tooth and Nail Records. It was all industrial, metal, and punk. I've said before that it's like if the book of Lamentations was set to music. And I like it. So long story less long, I've gotten back into Christian music again...or at least certain genres. Last night I picked up Blindside's About a Burning Fire. I do work at the church listening to this stuff now.

Around the web, Liddy is back writing at Treading Water. It might not look like it at the moment though, because I think Typepad had a hiccup last night.