Saturday, December 03, 2005

New Blog

I've started a new experimental writing blog called One Minute Spin. I'll try to 'spin out' a thought fragment that passes through my brain during the day. My hope is that it will be updated daily.

Meanwhile, of course, this blog remains my pride and joy; my place to wax eloquent (or pretend) on whatever I've been trying to wax eloquent. What I'd like to do is spend more time and effort on what I post here, so that might mean fewer entries a week.


Jim Jannotti said...

Interesting idea.

Duly noted and subscribed via bloglines. Must go come out my cowlick now.

Jeff Nelson said...

I figure I'll give it a month and see if I want to keep it going after that. Why not try something new?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bartok,

I just found your blog and will spend some time reading it. Just wanted to say how much I miss having you at XN.

Last time you posted there you were in between jobs. Has that situation been resolved? Hope so!

So glad I found you here. I'll get busy and read some more of your blog this evening.

Jeff Nelson said...

Hi Maggie (Mickey?)!

I lurk at Xn every once in a while just to see what's what, but can't bring myself to post. I figured that I'd bring the arguments to me rather than go after them in other places. It's worked for the most part. There's still one forum I can't let go of for that sort of thing. I'm sure I'll let myself get roped back in sooner or later.

Glad you stopped by!