Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy Anniversary

No Roundup today. Probably tomorrow or Sunday, as I've been spending my time in other ways the past few days. We've been enjoying time with family whom we haven't seen in a year (and other family we haven't seen for even longer). We have found joy in this time, and otherwise we have found sadness and disappointment in the West Virginia mine story and uncertainty in Israel's future with Sharon's illness (and anger and some wonderment why Pat Robertson is still allowed to say things in public...let alone that people listen to him).

Anyway, January carries with it a few important anniversaries for me, and I guess I can add another to the list.

Today, Philosophy Over Coffee turns 1. I think it's kind of cool that today is also Epiphany.

I thought I'd poop out a few months into keeping this, but here it is a year later. I've found a new set of cyber-friends, have been your man in the field for General Synod, have begun to find the blog's niche as a place to explore where theology and experience meet in full-time ministry (it only took a year).

Here's to another year in the blogosphere. Thanks for reading.