Monday, January 02, 2006

Truths, 'Tis, and Time off

To my shock, awe, and delight, I found myself listed in a site's sidebar. It always feels good to know that someone thought you worth reading enough to make such an endorsement, but this particular site is a little different. I don't know that I've ever really talked about UCCTruths here before. My own definition of the site is that of particular, listening to and reading statements made by UCC offices at the national, conference, and association level, first questioning their accuracy (usually information-wise), whether statements are justice-oriented (and for whom), and then how representative of the denomination they truly are. As with any blog or website in general, we agree and disagree depending on the issue. All in all, I have found them an important source for information.

So a special welcome to those who find their way here from UCCTruths. My space here is a little bit of everything. You might not find what you're looking for in terms of a wealth of UCC-specific least in terms of anything beyond the local level. The biggest concentration of material might be found in the June and July archives. I was a Synod delegate. Enjoy.

I started 'Tis by Frank McCourt last night. You may know the name from Angela's Ashes. This memoir is fairly quick reading, and I've already encountered one anecdote that has caused me to think, 'Wasn't that in Ashes...?' With some reluctance, I admit that I've only seen the movie. Now I am realizing that I should have read Ashes first, because it apparently happened first. Ashes is about McCourt's childhood in Limerick, Ireland, and 'Tis starts as he is coming back to New York.

Finally, after a busy and productive Advent and Christmas, I started a week's vacation today. That either means that I'll be writing much more or much less. It always seems to be one or the other.