Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Been Discussing Elsewhere

It's not been an inspired week at P.o.C. I haven't wanted to write a lot the past few days. I watched with interest the State of the Union. The way one side stood and applauded, and then the other, it's a wonder anything gets accomplished in this country. I also read with some sorrow commentaries on the passing of Coretta Scott King. She was to speak at Synod last year, but her health was beginning to take its downturn and she was unable to do so.

I've been hanging out at a couple Evangelical blogs lately. One features a 'rant' by megachurch celebpastor Mark Driscoll in response to a column by Brian McLaren on 'the gay issue.' The first line of this highly intellectual response will probably be enough. But if you have no intention of clicking the link, here it is:

Well, it seems that Brian McLaren and the Emergent crowd are emerging into homo-evangelicals.

It goes downhill from there. If you have the time and energy to read down through the comments, I contributed my $0.02.

Then at Reformissionary they're talking about satellite churches and watching a video of the celebpastor in the middle of worship instead of, I dunno, training or hiring a real live human being. Not totally coincidentally, this centers around Driscoll's church. I'm becoming acquainted with his style and substance, and both bother me. I guess this is one of Evangelicalism's up-and-comers.

The debate rages whether a video of Mr. Personality preaching is a sufficient substitute for a pastor actually standing at a pulpit in front of you. If I want to see a movie, I'll go to a theater. I go to a church to worship and to interact with people, not to sit passively watching a screen. All that's missing is the popcorn and M&Ms. What? Megachurches sell that stuff? Oh.

Hey, sometime soon I'll write about my Lenten discussion series. It's going to be lots of fun.