Wednesday, February 15, 2006

An Explanation

'You were supposed to be gone for a week or so, and you lasted three days before you posted again. Wazzupwitdat?'

An excellent question, blogreader. I decided on another hiatus for a couple reasons:

1. To recharge my writing batteries. I was getting frustrated with recent writing quality and wanted to take a break in order to come back fresh. However, my experience is that, typically, one doesn't come back fresh, one comes back rusty. In addition, I have found that my batteries don't need recharged. Rather, my posts just need more thought. This is the new POC way.

2. I wanted to think about changes in layout because other blogs look cooler than mine. But now I am satisfied with the slightly cooler look found here and don't feel like thinking about that any more.

3. I couldn't resist getting a shot in at ol' Freddie. I have a story to tell about one of his visits to St. Louis. I'll write about that later.

4. I'm reading a book called The Organic Church and I need to process it openly with the blogosphere.

5. I just want to write. This should be number 1, but instead it's down here. One takes a hiatus when they're truly burnt out. I wasn't feeling burnt out. I thought I was. But a day away revealed that that was not the case.

Some great things to come, fellow bloggers and blogreaders. There are a few entries in the oven and much to discuss. And I'd rather be writing than watching the last entry get older...and older...and older. I find this place to be a great release and processing center. I didn't expect it to last this long, and now I don't expect a quick end...unless I accidentally hit the 'Delete Blog' button when going to publish, which I actually almost did once.