Thursday, February 09, 2006

Going Dark

After tomorrow's Pop Culture Roundup, POC goes dark for 7-10 days. Time to recharge, do some writing elsewhere, figure out how I want to approach this blogging thing in the future.

I read blogs like iMonk and RLP and think, 'I could put that much effort into my writing. I want to. How can I do that with the million other things I do?'

Not write the whole thing in one sitting. There's one idea. The angry post below was written over a few days' time. Its quality is still questionable, but I felt better about it by the time it was posted. The same with the little bit of midrash on Jesus and the disciples. Then there's all that grammar/'sharpen it up' stuff that always calls for attention.

I've also thought about moving to Typepad. I mentioned this to my cousin a month or so ago. He asked, 'Why?' I didn't have an answer. I'm at kind of a loss to explain why I would move to a pay service when this has served me well for over a year. Maybe it's the options, the fun I could have with layout. But I doubt that it would affect quality of writing.

So anyway, no blogging after tomorrow for a week or so. Then I'm back for more.