Friday, February 10, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

It's been a slow week media-wise for me, so this will end up being brief.

I'm still reading Dave Barry, but my Tillich reading has fallen by the wayside. I tried picking Tillich up the other day, but was preoccupied with other ecclesiological questions that weren't being answered by a discussion on revelation's tie to existence. These questions basically stem from one overarching question: 'How do you change something that obviously isn't working when you know you'll get resistence from people who think it is?' It's not hand-wringing over what people will has more to do with making an overhauled program work without as much support as you'd like. It's the type of question that Bill Easum would answer. I'd much rather be reading him than Tillich right now.

We finished Buffy Season 4 yesterday. It seemed like a transitional season in some ways: it's the first season without Angel, Oz leaves, Spike and Willow both undergo major character shifts. And if you've never seen the show, the last sentence makes no sense.

I flipped on VH1's Jump Start this morning while enjoying my breakfast smoothie and caught two artists that I quite enjoyed. The first is KT Tunstall, a blues/acoustic rock singer-songwriter. She has spunk. I like that. The second is The Killers, who I got my first real chance to listen to. I can hear hints of The Cure. Not a bad thing.

Around the web, RLP gives his State of the Blog address, which includes his experiences trying to earn money by writing.