Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Party Day After

Some of our young adults gathered yesterday evening to cheer against the Steelers (northeast Ohioans that we are), save for one guy...who ended up rubbing our noses in it. By the middle of the fourth quarter we were ready for the one-sided Seahawks-obviously-aren't-going-to-get-any-calls torturefest to end. Here are some other notes from our night of food and fun...

~First, how many 150-member churches can say that their pastor's living room can be filled with members between the ages of 18-30? HOW MANY?

~My wife and I are observing South Beach at this present time, so the spread was moderately healthy: BBQ shredded chicken with whole wheat buns, crab dip with low fat cream cheese and whole wheat crackers, a veggie tray, and some more typical football party food. I did sneak a cookie and a Dorito (made a big production out of eating them in front of my wife is more accurate), but managed to stay true otherwise. And Diet Caffeine-free Pepsi doesn't taste like anything. No really, it tastes like nothing, if nothing has a taste. But it does. It tastes like Diet Caffeine-free Pepsi.

~The ads didn't seem to be up to their usual wacky quality, although the room had its favorites. The FedEx Pterodactyl got a good reaction, as did the Budweiser sheep streaker, the Sprint crime deterrant phone, and the guy killing the fly with the heart paddles. We could have done without the lame Pepsi stunt double/recording with Diddy spots, the mudflaps, and whatever the heck that Burger King ad was doing. An honorable mention goes to the young Clydesdale pulling the cart with the help of his parents. *Sniff*

~So recent halftime shows have featured 'safe' artists to prevent against another Janet boob-popping moment. 25-30 years ago, the Rolling Stones didn't fit into the 'safe' category. What happened? The room found the performance unspectacular, by the by. Maybe that's the age demographic, but I don't think I've ever looked forward to a halftime show. By the 150th time Jagger sang the line 'I can't get no satisfaction,' a discussion started on getting some fired up marching bands back into the halftime proceedings, a la Drumline. Most of us being marching band alums, we thought this was really cool. That means no one else in America does.

~I get it. Lost is on ABC.

~Maybe next year, Cleveland. Maybe next year. Or not.