Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lenten Midpoint

Lent is really turning out to drag me down.

Lectio divina isn't it. It's one of the bright spots of my day. So no complaints there.

It's how I've been handling it otherwise.

As I mentioned a while back, I've been leading a program on Wednesdays called Bible Stories You Won't Learn in Children's Church. The first week, we talked about marriage and sex. Last week we talked about revenge with some segways to war. This week we talk about rape. The week after, racism. The week after that, probably more war.

Sunday mornings have seen a preaching series on the cross: how it's a comfort, challenge, commentary...and the next two weeks an invitation and revelation. How many weeks in a row can you force yourself to talk about suffering and death with a slightly different focus?

Maybe 'drag me down' isn't the right phrase. Maybe 'has been very intense and draining.' Maybe it's the same thing and I just like one expression over another.

At Easter there comes release. Release from this sermon series. Release from these intense programs. New life. Which is what Easter is about. The issues we raise don't go away, but at least they can be tackled in ways other than how I've set it up during the course of these six weeks.

And we'll finish our Habitat house.
And we'll walk in the Relay for Life.
And the snowbirds will return.
And there'll be baptisms and new members.

I may look back on this time, glad that we spent time talking about what we did.

I hope I do. Because at some level it's some of the most important material we've talked about since I started here.

Time to settle down for the night.