Friday, March 31, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

I've finished New Seeds of Contemplation, the last 50 pages of which, I'll admit, I just skimmed. I like Merton's thoughts, but he tends to repeat his ideas. The book is overall a decent read (I have the page flags to prove it), when he's not spending three chapters on variations of the same idea. There are also some chapters focused on Catholic doctrine that I didn't reasonate with, although it was interesting to hear his take.

I began
To Kill a Mockingbird last night, which I've never read. This is part of my 'stay away from theology books' season. In fact, I'm making a note to myself right now that next year for Lent I'm giving up theology books. But I digress. The first chapter is a little slow, but then we get more into the story. Honestly, at this point I'm trying to figure out if the narrator is white or black. I have little to no knowledge of this book's plot, other than that there are a couple kids and a black man who goes on trial for rape. Her statements about observing white people make me think that she's black, but her explanation that she comes from a lawyer's family make me think that, for the time period in which it is set, she might be white. Maybe it has nothing to do with the plot, or maybe it has everything to do with the plot.

We're watching
Angel Season 4, which includes more episodes that I've seen on TV. Remember how, when I've talked about the later seasons of Buffy, I mention that all Dawn is good for is storming off camera and being moody? Well, in Angel we now have Connor. He's a little more integral to the plot and has some fighting skillz~!, but his brooding gets tiresome. And the past season and a half or so has brought out the Wesley that I like: darker, more sure of himself, more of an edge. He's an inspiration to those who just got their first pair of glasses ever.

And of course
The Sopranos was Sunday night. If you haven't seen it yet, don't read this paragraph. Tony wakes up, but not before a near-death experience that features Steve Buscemi. The dream sequences were interesting, sometimes slow, but it was pretty easy to pick up on most of the symbolism, especially when Tony is walking toward the party in the house.

This week, I've been listening to my
Relix samplers, which feature Ratdog, Umphrey's McGee, Frank Zappa, and Derek Trucks Band, among others. If you like 'jamband' music, subscribe to the magazine and you get one free in every issue.

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