Sunday, April 30, 2006

Friday to Friday (State of the Blog?)

I live my bloglife Friday to Friday, because Fridays are when you can count on the Pop Culture Roundup. Since I do that, I tend to check the quality and quantity of entries in between. I usually manage to post at least twice between Fridays. Four times is probably average. Six or more is a sign that I had a lot of free time.

Last week I offered two entries, only one of which really required any thought on my part. The week before that I offered four, again only one of which really took any brain power.

Every blog is different. Bloggers like RLP and iMonk are true essayists. They're the types that write drafts and stay up late finishing something that they want to get just right. Other bloggers post short reflection, quote, link, reflection, link, joke, quote, Bible verse, maybe all of those within a day or two. I suppose that I'd like to be more like the former, but not to the point that I'm writing book chapters. The subtitle is 'A UCC Pastor Muses,' not 'A UCC Pastor Indexes and Cross-References.'

There's some good stuff on the way, one of which I'm going to try submitting to a few magazines. I've been feeling more confident and compelled to write for submission purposes. One past entry is in process at the moment, actually, but it might not be considered timely now. Once I hear back I'll tell you which one it is. I take pride in it regardless because it's the first time I've ever attempted publication (aside from the upcoming GalPals book), and it was well received by the first editor on staff who read it.

I put a question mark in the entry's title because this isn't a true State of the Blog deal. I'm just saying that I've noticed the past few weeks mostly have been quotes and links and quiz results, and I want to be more intentional about offering something from my own fingers. The inspiration and drive just haven't been there lately. Maybe no one else noticed. I did.

It'll get better. I hope.