Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hey UCC Bloggers

I know there are quite a few UCC bloggers who stop by regularly or irregularly. Don't you think it's time for a webring or a blogroll of our own? United Methodists have one, Disciples have one, United Church of Canada has one (which I almost mistook for an existing United Church of Christ ring).

I'd love to get a chance to connect with more UCC blogger types outside of where I've already been. I'm sure that others would as well.

Edit: I went ahead and started a ring. The hub blog for it is here. Join up and tell your UCC friends.


Unknown said...

Okay, Jeff, I'm in! I've wondered, too, why we didn't have one, but I spend so much time on RevGalBlogPals related administrivia, I didn't want to start another one! Thanks.

Jeff Nelson said...

Now that I've figured out what I'm doing, we're in business!

One question: how do you display a list of all the member blogs in the sidebar like on GalPals?

Jennifer G Brownell said...

thanks, Jeff. I'm in too. :)

Unknown said...

Jeff, I made a blogroll at Blogrolling. I have a bookmark on my toolbar; I simply go to the webpage I want to add, then click on the "Blogroll It!" icon on the toolbar. It brings up a little box and prompts me to sign in, then to add the blog to the blogroll. That's been handy with 130+ blogs on the list! If you already have a Blogroll, you can use the same ID to make the new one.