Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

This week the Roundup comes a little early, in lieu of Good Friday.

I've started another book by Thomas Merton called Disputed Questions. This is a series of his essays on spirituality and culture. Some of the chapters aren't as engaging unless you're overly familiar with what he's speaking of. I skimmed his chapter on the Pasternak Affair because it includes an analysis of Dr. Zhivago, which I've never read. However, his chapter on love is one of the best commentaries on divine and human love that I've read, and this comes at a perfect time when the lectionary is about to feature a great deal from 1 John.

We're down to our last episode of Angel Season 4. It's a really fluid season, where the group has to deal with one problem after another. I really like the series for that, because it isn't chopped up into one bad guy for season 1, another for season 2, and so on. It's all one continuous story. And the enemy that they end up facing at the end is a really good bad guy. She really got me to hate her with the way she brainwashes the whole city. Now there's one episode left, and they're about to be offered Wolfram and Hart. Honestly, it's kind of good that the series ends after this next season. After you conquer the enemy that has been ever-present since the beginning, what else is there? That's not to say that I like how the series ends, though.

This week I've been enjoying O.A.R.'s The Wanderer, DMB's Everyday, and Queens of the Stone Age's Lullabies to Paralyze.

As a definite non-fan of the band Nickelback, I was greatly amused to discover this site. It plays two of their songs simultaneously to show how similar they are.

And have you told your UCC blogger friends about the blogring yet?