Friday, April 07, 2006

Pre-Holy Week Brain Droppings

~Do 'C and E' people know that they're referred to as 'C and E' people? And if so, what do they think about that?

~Why do critics of the Emerging Church act like no one's ever grown a goatee before?

~If your best argument against Fair Trade is that it 'sounds like communism,' you ain't got much.

~If I have to choose between a shallow yet upbeat praise song and a theologically magnificent yet tedious plodding hymn...I just won't go to church that day. Oh crap, I'm the pastor...

~Write a 1-page reflection on why and how Numbers 25 is divinely inspired and fully applicable to our modern situation.

~If your best argument against evolution is that there's no moral connotation to it, you ain't got much.

~Whether they admit it or not, even 'liberal' Christians believe in some form of Intelligent Design.

~Maundy Thursday is underrated...especially if you just skip from Palm Sunday to Easter.

~If your best argument against instruments in church is 'It's not in the Bible,' you ain't got much.

~Easter is the church's Super Bowl. You get a bunch of people together who wouldn't normally watch, and those supporting the event put in a little extra effort to produce their best commercial of the year.