Friday, April 07, 2006

Pre-Holy Week Brain Droppings

~Do 'C and E' people know that they're referred to as 'C and E' people? And if so, what do they think about that?

~Why do critics of the Emerging Church act like no one's ever grown a goatee before?

~If your best argument against Fair Trade is that it 'sounds like communism,' you ain't got much.

~If I have to choose between a shallow yet upbeat praise song and a theologically magnificent yet tedious plodding hymn...I just won't go to church that day. Oh crap, I'm the pastor...

~Write a 1-page reflection on why and how Numbers 25 is divinely inspired and fully applicable to our modern situation.

~If your best argument against evolution is that there's no moral connotation to it, you ain't got much.

~Whether they admit it or not, even 'liberal' Christians believe in some form of Intelligent Design.

~Maundy Thursday is underrated...especially if you just skip from Palm Sunday to Easter.

~If your best argument against instruments in church is 'It's not in the Bible,' you ain't got much.

~Easter is the church's Super Bowl. You get a bunch of people together who wouldn't normally watch, and those supporting the event put in a little extra effort to produce their best commercial of the year.


will smama said...

Loved this - especially the Super Bowl analogy.

Anonymous said...

That has to be your best post yet.

Jeff Nelson said...

THIS post, James? Really?


Pink Shoes said...

I'm reading this on GF, my brain has dropped almost completely... but thanks -- this was fabulous.