Monday, May 15, 2006

Questions for Evangelism and a Ballgame

On the subject of evangelism, the Monk has some thoughts on the question, 'How much is too much?'

A sample:

If you are producing consumers or fans or people who think you are really cool, you may be successful and popular, but I’m wondering if you are doing what matters. Our command is clear: make disciples, teaching them everything Jesus commanded. We can’t change the definition of disciple into “guy who really likes the body surfing at the 9 p.m. youth service” and have any integrity.

The Jesus-movement produces Jesus-followers. Wow. What a concept. If you spent $70,000 to entertain people, did you produce Jesus followers, or fans of your show? Answer the question. It’s important.

It is important. It's one of the questions I ask when I find myself in the betwixt and between of wanting worship to be more lively but also have integrity. It's a great post. I think I'll even print it out and distribute it to our Evangelism group.

My wife and I went with my parents to the Indians-Tigers game yesterday. We had awesome seats, six rows up in right field. Casey Blake and Magglio Orondez were RIGHT THERE. Even with the rain delay that came in the middle of the 7th inning, we had a good time. Dad and I checked out the bullpens and we voted for the All Star Game (during which time I yelled at my wife for voting for Derek Jeter...I don't care how good he is, he's a YANKEE).

Now, I'm a fan of both Detroit and Cleveland, so I was somewhat torn. It wasn't until our way up to the stadium that I came up with a great idea to bring both my Tigers and Indians hats, and switch depending on who was up to bat. I was torn yesterday, because the Indians were on a five-game losing streak, but the Tigers are doing so well. So they both needed the win for different reasons. I would've been happy either way, but it's been such a long time since Detroit has done this well, so I was tipping toward them. Sorry, Tribe. But hopefully you'll break out of your funk.