Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Odds and Ends

~I've put up a LibraryThing banner in the sidebar, which will randomly display ten books from my list. This morning, The Gospel According to the Simpsons was sandwiched between The Divine Comedy and Bruce Campbell's autobiography. I love it.

~I've had a fresh batch of visitors over from Monday Morning Insight the past few days. Here's my official welcome to you, if you read anything besides the megachurch rant.

~For anyone who blogs or journals with regularity, have you ever read over what you wrote a year ago at this time? It can truly be an eye-opening experience. In a journal entry from a year ago, I was asking questions that I'm just now beginning to answer for myself. I thought that was cool, to see evolution of thought and self.

~I'll be married four years on Thursday. To say anything else about it would make it sappy. Okay, maybe I'll get a little sappy. But not today.