Thursday, June 29, 2006

Odds and Ends

~Last night I dreamt that I went to see Nacho Libre. If you haven't seen it yet, look out. There's a live karaoke part during the beginning credits hosted by a black drag queen. For never hearing the song before, I held my own pretty well.

~I know of two local fireworks displays around where I live. Neither one are actually on the 4th. This will be the first 4th in a couple years where neither of us are working...hold on...when SHE isn't working. I haven't worked on the 4th of July since my job at Wal-Mart.

~It's 7:40 in the morning. I'm drinking coffee, and bouncing up and down (you should see it) to DJ Sammy. It's gonna be a good day.

~My boy over at Jeremiah's Field got called to a church a few weeks ago after a harried year of searching. Depending on the area of the country--'red'/'blue,' Good Old Boys Network in the Association, specific polity requirements, etc.--you really can end up being at it for a while. I'm happy that he's found stability and is ready to use the gifts God gave him.

~Rowan Williams, spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, has proposed a two-tier membership system to cope with diversity. Those more 'correct' are full members, and those with 'growing edges' can still associate themselves with the Anglicans, but can't vote. How charitable. It sounds like a denominational split without calling it a split.


Anonymous said...

I dunno about the Anglican thing. I mean, obviously I'm angered by all the attempts to push GLBTs to the margins. But the Archbishop's solution AT LEAST maintains Eucharistic communion among all members, as far as I understand. If more schisms happened this way, Christian unity would be a done deal, IMHO. Institutional access and power isn't minor, but at the end of the day, our ability to come to the Table is the crucial thing, and Abp. Williams seems not to be letting the conservatives walk away from the Table, at least institutionally.

Jeff Nelson said...

But at the same time, while 'conservatives' are being encouraged not to walk away, it sounds like Williams' solution is to create a kids' table for the 'liberals.' While all can still participate in communion together, there is the sense here that those who are 'lesser' are being allowed to commune with those who have it right.

I dunno. Maybe this IS as good as it gets. Which isn't saying much.

Daniel said...

It actually sounds like church discipline to me. If Rowan Williams came out and said that it would make it more understandable, although I guess many wouldn't like it

Anonymous said...

it sounds like Williams' solution is to create a kids' table for the 'liberals.'

I dunno. I mean, that may very well be his intention. But I think liberals should be clear that the only distinction that is meaningful in our communities is the question of one's place at the Table. (I think everyone's welcome, so that makes it more or less impossible for me to break communion with anyone with any kind of theological integrity.) When/if the conservatives lock the ECUSA out of Lambeth and other stuff, the ECUSA should make clear that that's just episcopal pomp and circumstance, and they're gonna just move ahead with the UN development stuff and they other ministries that actually mean something.

I guess my point is that keeping the Anglican Communion together for Eucharist is a really big win in light of the prophetic actions of the ECUSA on GLBT inclusion. I believe transformation is most possible at the Eucharist, and I think this will keep conservative Anglicanism from becoming Southern Baptists to the ECUSA's American Baptists. (Not a perfect metaphor, but there you have it.)