Friday, June 30, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

This week was a radical departure from books about giving up material possessions and emerging churches. I picked up Ric Flair's autobiography, in which he details his rise through training and being groomed to become a 16-time world champion in the NWA, WCW, and WW(F)E. His stories of life on the road and backstage politics are the most interesting (which is why I think fans read wrestler autobiographies to begin with), along with his true feelings about some of his co-workers. Of course, if you're not a wrestling fan, you probably won't care. Even so, hearing about the business on the other side of the curtain might interest you.

Last week I went to see Cars, which I didn't have much of an interest in seeing until I was invited by someone else to tag along. I can't say that it's really appropriate for young kids, not for any content reasons, just because the story seems to move at a slower pace than other Pixar films. It is a cool homage to different auto-staples: Route 66, Nascar, the 50s era of road trips. And there are a lot of great jokes about car stereotypes, i.e., a VW bus (voiced by George Carlin) is laid back and tries to sell people organic fuel, and an army jeep tries to whip some sissy SUVs into shape (to which a Hummer replies, 'Aw man, now I have sand in my tires!') The cartoon short beforehand made me laugh for a good five minutes. We also watched Fun With Dick and Jane this week, which is not the greatest. Don't expect a lot of Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey, with the exception of a scene where he plays with a voice distortion box (which I thought was quite funny). Otherwise, it seems like the entire movie is spent waiting for something that never comes.

I've been enjoying Entourage so far. Of course, the big story is how well Aquaman is doing (and in one of the recent episodes you got to see 20 seconds or so of it)...but that became sort of the backdrop for other things. The guys have a fifth show up from when they ran around together in New York. This guy just got out of prison and now Vince feels obligated to hire him on. We quickly see that while everyone is happy to see their friend at first, he starts to screw up the dynamic. I found that interesting, because that was my reaction as a viewer as soon as he came on screen. I couldn't wait for him to leave. This week's episode looks interesting, as people start to suspect him of pulling stuff that put him in prison to begin with.

I've been switching back and forth between Groove Armada and Jane's Addiction this week. They're a big contrast, but I've just been digging them both.

Around the web, here's a site where classic movies are acted out in 30 seconds by bunnies.