Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Blog You Might Have Been Waiting For

A blog called The CCM Patrol reviews Christian music. Here's the hook: they actually review Christian music rather than automatically praise it because it's Christian. From their description:

In case the statement has to be made, Christian music should not be the laughingstock of cultural phenomena. Unlike popular Christian magazines that *cough* cover Christian music, no blunders, artistic or otherwise, will be spared scrutiny here. Especially if they lend to making a funny and / or mean joke. If you are willing to put forth your material for thousands to hear, then you deserve to be ridiculed if it's horrible. All of the more so because you are supposedly also endorsed by God. God's name should not, in fact, be raped on the radio.

Perhaps the last line is an overstatement. Nevertheless, they don't give free passes to anyone. Definitely a friend in the fight against bland three-chords-and-a-cliche Christian 'rock.' Check it out.

HT to Bob.