Sunday, July 23, 2006

Misc. for Sunday

~I went to the depressing and frustrating 14-6 massacre up at Jacobs Field on Friday evening. We were in the bleachers, which become very hard on the backside during the 8-run 4th inning. Tom Hanks was there, sitting in one of the boxes. He wasn't shown on the scoreboard until the 9th inning, which was most likely to keep people from bugging him the whole game. That's good, if for no other reason than that was more exciting than what happened on the field.

~On Saturday I saw a billboard that read as follows:

A) Pro-life.
B) Pro-Choice.
C) Pro-Wrestling.
D) All of the Above.

And then in the corner it said, 'Only in America.' I thought it was an official organization, but as yet I haven't found any sort of literature or website claiming it. I'm still trying to figure out its meaning. Maybe that America is diverse?

~Today a buddy from Eden was ordained into the United Church of Christ. Go to his blog and congratulate him.