Friday, July 07, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

I read The Catcher in the Rye very early on this week. I suppose that I can see, for it's time, how it freaked so many people out with the language...but this is tame stuff really. The controversy was whether to have it read in schools, and with the 50s being such a kinder simpler time when children were good and proper and never even thought about drinking or sex, it is understandable why this book had to be kept from their virgin eyeballs. Well anyway, I find the main character Holden hypocritical in that he calls everyone around him phony and then lies his butt off to pretty much everyone he meets. He's not a tremendously likeable character. He has his moments, but ultimately he gives off a vibe of entitlement and laziness that I couldn't sympathize with. In some ways, perhaps he's the archetype of that tendency within us to never be satisfied and thus constantly complain about and abandon things. I also just finished Barbara Brown Taylor's Leaving Church last night, and will be posting a full review of that in the next day or so.

I've seen Superman Returns twice, and not on purpose. The first time, I wanted to be there. The second time, my wife (who saw it with me the first time) was going with some friends who hadn't seen it yet and I didn't feel like sitting at home by myself. There are some really great visuals and Kevin Spacey is a fantastic Lex Luthor. Bob Hyatt points out some things about it that I didn't really pay much attention to but now appreciate: no cheesy action dialogue (or cheesy romantic dialogue, for that matter), and Superman putting down the car being a bit of homage to the cover of his first comic book. It's a good movie...not one that I intentionally wanted to see twice, but a good movie.

Entourage keeps rolling along, now again with just the four guys. The fifth who appeared last week got himself in trouble and basically Vince sets him up nice with an apartment and money to tie up his feelings of obligation. I'm left wondering why they bothered introducing the guy to begin with. Vince has also been offered his dream movie role, and the film's director is who the fifth friend gets in trouble with, so maybe that's the reason. The trouble is resolved until the very end of the episode where it is discovered that Vince's dream movie begins shooting the same day as Aquaman II. So I wonder if the impending conflict will be Vince forced to choose between being an actor and being a movie star; doing the Oscar-possibility movie or the money movie. That seems to be what they've set up, anyway.

Keller Williams is officially the soundtrack to my summer.

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