Friday, July 21, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

I finished 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea last Friday, and I can't say it was either great or terrible. It features a much-heralded literary character in Captain Nemo, whom I realized we don't learn that much about over the course of the book. The book is really driven by events more than characters...that, and all the lists of fish that Verne felt necessary to include. In between that and Bell's book, I skimmed over The Missional Leader, which I've decided is the last emerging/missional/new church paradigm book that I pick up for a while, because they're starting to sound the same.

We watched The Skeleton Key the other week, which I thought was good for what it was. The promised twist wasn't nearly as monumental or surprising as I remember the previews making it out to be. I watched it the first time by myself, and then when I saw it the second time with Mrs. Jeff, I picked up on certain lines and actions that made more sense. It's a decent twist, just not shocking.

We finally started watching Firefly the other day, which features some recurring actors from seasons of Buffy and Angel, and Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball. This is basically a western set in space. The classic Joss Whedon humor is there, and the concept is original. I can't help notice some Star Wars parallels: Mal as a Hans Solo character aboard the Serenity/Millenium Falcon and trying to stay off the Alliance/Empire's radar. We've seen the entire first DVD already, which means we only have three more discs and we're done with the series. It didn't last on TV very long.

I like to listen to Zero 7 on the way to visiting people in hospitals and nursing homes. I don't totally know why.

Around the web, Stephen Colbert has a beautiful satirical piece about religion.