Friday, August 18, 2006

GalPals Ridiculous British Sayings Meme

Right, so one of the GalPals recently took a trip to England and came back with a bunch of phrases that, in our Amuhrican dialect, sound quite silly. The invitation here is to come up with one's own definition for each like the game Balderdash.

Adverse Camber - a new 14" diameter splash cymbal from Camber that, when you hit it, actually makes the sound of a kitten mewing. This is the first cymbal introduced for the field of psychology and requires a prescription. Patients using the Adverse Camber are to hit the cymbal whenever they become extremely stressed in the face of adversity.

Butts Wynd - a phrase included in a scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet that up until recently had been lost. Literature scholars postulate that the scene should come after Romeo and Benvolio's first scene together, as a drunken Mercutio begins to seriously deride Romeo for being a pansy as he pines for Rosaline with the line: "If thou wert truly a man, who cares not if be accus'd of sin/Thou wilt suck it up, have ale, and freely pass butts wynd."

Plague Church - a burgeoning Christian movement in remote parts of Alabama that use the events of Exodus 7-12 as their focus passages. Core tenets in this movement include the belief that frequent sincere prayer can and does bring hardship on people you don't like. This movement has inspired the book The Prayer of Aaron, which has not yet found a mainstream audience.

Free House - does not exist.

Mind the Gap - a popular oxymoron associated with the belief that people who shop exclusively at trendy clothing outlets can think for themselves.