Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My First Ever Dream Entry

Last night I had a church-related dream, although it was a little different than my usual church-related dreams which typically feature some variation of my not being prepared to preach.

In this dream, I led our first ever Sunday evening contemporary/youth service. There were maybe 20 people there and I made a special plea to attendees to bring their friends. I remember feeling highly confident that we were fully capable of filling the sanctuary for that service if people took the time to tell others about it, person-to-person. For me in the dream, this was the most logical and natural thing to consider, and it drew nods from those who were there.

Perhaps the strangest part of the whole dream was that a family who is staunchly against the idea of contemporary worship was in attendance. I didn't get that part at all. But dreams hardly ever make sense.

Anyway, I'm not one to put much stock in dreams as having some special prophetic or psychological meaning. I have thought about an evening contemporary service before, but haven't seriously pursued such a thing yet. And my idea of good 'contemporary' worship is different from a lot of people's, so there would be that issue as well.