Friday, August 04, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

I've been finding some good ways to practically apply The Crucified God to my surroundings. Take, for instance, a recent article I came across detailing a church's building a 72-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty, except she's holding a cross and is called the Statue of Liberation. Moltmann would roll over in his grave, yelling and screaming for someone six feet above him to remind people that Jesus' death wasn't so that we could build cheesy odes to AmeriChristendom and call it discipleship. He would yell through his casket padding that the cross is a dirty ugly instrument of death that symbolizes a God present with the lowly, despised, and rejected and calls us to do the same instead of raising $250,000 for a monstrosity of a lawn ornament. This book needs to be required reading in every freaking seminary in the country.

We watched Secondhand Lions this week. Actually, Mrs. Jeff watched it and I was in the same room and glanced up at it occasionally. Robert Duvall is good as a cranky old guy. Michael Caine had a weird southern-English accent that faded in and out, and his character overall is Alfred Wears Overalls and Shoots Guns. Haley Joel Osment is without his creepy/annoying Sixth Sense whisper and doesn't make me want to hit myself in the head. I'll never stumble over myself to watch this film again, that's for sure. But it does feature Christian Kane (Lindsey from Angel) as the young Duvall, so that was fine.

This season of Entourage has turned out to fulfill my earlier prediction for Vince: him choosing whether he wants to be an actor or a movie star. Last week's episode showed that he's chosen actor, after lambasting a couple movie studio execs during a press conference when they wanted to 'rip out the soul' of an art film he did in order to mass-market it. I actually thought that that would be the cliffhanger for the next season, but we keep rolling. Honestly, I'm wondering how the show is going to have him continue a movie career after this episode AND his getting blackballed by a major studio in a previous episode. Maybe because he gets press for sticking to his principles? I dunno.

Next week while enjoying a lazy seven days' vacation, I'm planning to visit a local winery and hear this folk duo play. Why? Because it's there.

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