Monday, August 28, 2006

You're On Notice!

Make your own.

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erin said...

I see that you have The Ohio State University on notice.....and in response to your "cute" little comment (which I didn't delete, by the sorely tempted as I was), here is a lovely version to your UM fight song. Are you ready??

Wail on those smelly varmints,
dressed in women's undergarments,
Wail, wail on Michigan,
they just can't pass the test!

No Pasadena roses,
shove that football up their noses,
Wail, wail on Michigan,
Ohio State's the best!


love you too Jeffie. Ha ha!!

(of course you know, this means's on! tee hee.)

Anonymous said...

Bring it! To the tune of OSU fight song: Liquidate Ohio State and turn the Buckeyes blue. They breed a lot of cattle in Columbus - It looks just like a zoo - Knock them off their ivory towers, send them crawing into the showers - Down with Ohio State. It's a no nothing party school. They say the girls who go to O.S.U. are husband hunting dames. They dig the jocks who got the killer instinct, not the boys with brains - At Columbus you're way ahead, with straight A's in physical ed. Down with Ohio State Its a no nothing party school. Bust your guts for Tressel - Move your butts for Tressel - Liquidate Ohio State and turn the Buckeyes blue, they breed a lot of cattle in Columbus it looks just like a zoo - Rah! Rah! Rah! GO BLUE GO BLUE GO BLUE

Anonymous said...

College sports...whatever.

Personally, I was spitting coffee on my desk over "bring a friend to church Sunday."

-That Girl From Chicago

erin said...

methinks there is a Wolverine fan that isn't willing to come out of hiding.......LOL.

I think you're all going to be looking for a new head coach after we tromp on you for the 5th time in six years. Lousy Lloyd better start preparing a resume because we're going to give him one nice parting gift! ;)

College football rivalry, how I love thee.

Of course you know it's all in good fun. Until game day. ;)

Jeff Nelson said...

Lousy Lloyd? Boy, that cuts to the heart. Very clever, that use of alliteration. Just come up with another l-word that is in some way insulting, put it in front of his name, and you have an instantly paralyzing quip.

Wow. Lousy Lloyd. That What'll those OSU fans think of next?

erin said...

oh Jeffie, you don't even want me to get started on your beloved Bo......;)

And yes, I'm pretty clever....pretty AND clever, so there. ;p

How I wish we lived was always so much more fun to trade barbs in person......=)

love you!!

Jeff Nelson said...

Oh, what can we do with Bo...there's Butthead Bo or Bo the Bum, or Baffled Bo...more of that clever OSU thinking.

But if you don't get started on Bo, then I won't start trashing Woody either.

Miss you too, Eeyore.:)