Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Coming Out of the Worst of It

During my prayer time this morning, my reading for reflection came from Mother Teresa:

If you are preoccupied with people who are talking about the poor, you scarcely have time to talk to the poor. Some people talk about hunger, but they don't come and say, "Mother, here is five rupees. Buy food for these people." But they can give a most beautiful lecture on hunger.

I think that speaks to where I was earlier this week. I have moments like that. These moments can last a week or more, actually. It's why I still don't want to read any more books. It's also why a World Communion Sunday sermon has been a little difficult to write. I'm relying on the stories I'm including to be the parts that stick; that make people think. They usually do.

I really like World Communion Sunday. Next to Pentecost, it's actually one of my favorite non-commercial holy days. It's just so hard to fathom its scope. How to talk about the global church and situations so remote from us and get people to really consider them? How to make the day more than a "most beautiful lecture?"