Friday, September 15, 2006

Critique this statement

"Most Christian arguments are a priori. Most atheist arguments are a posteriori."


Anonymous said...

I think the statement is a priori because it cannot be indisputedly a posteriori, particularly because the basis of the statement is a subjective evaluation rather than a definitive, objective conclusion.

Okay, what's my philosophy grade?

Jeff Nelson said...

You've done well, my son. My own reaction is that many Christian arguments (at a personal level, anyway) are a posteriori - ones that aren't just regurgitated from Sunday School but which have basis in one's own experiences.

And the same can be said of atheist arguments - maybe it's from personal experience or maybe it's just to argue against the church, make religious parents mad, reaction against strict upbringing, etc.

Anonymous said...

Once more in English please. :-)

Jeff Nelson said...


A priori = before experience

A posteriori = after experience

To learn more, visit this page

Anonymous said...

Well I went to your reference page and got a headache!
Is it like knowledge vs. education?