Friday, September 01, 2006

GalPals Driving Meme

I found these questions hilarious for some reason.

1. Driving: an enjoyable way to clear the mind? a means to an end? a chance to be quiet with one's thoughts? a necessary evil? the downfall of our planet and its fossil fuels? Discuss. Most days, I like driving. Every once in a while, an evening will present itself where I'll load up a travel mug of coffee, stick in a CD of more contemplative-yet-driven (sorry) tunes, and cruise a highway. I use driving to get accustomed to new music. A memory from fall that I now have is being introduced to The Decemberists while observing the multicolored trees on the way to Chicago.

2. Do you drive the speed limit? A little faster? Slower? Have you ever gotten a ticket? I generally stick to going five miles over. Cruise control is my friend. I still get a twitch in my leg whenever I pass a cop, though. I should get that looked at. I've received three tickets, two for speeding within a month of each other. The other was for the split second that I took to double check a street name and rear-ended someone. Their car was fine. Mine had to have the entire front end replaced. Curiously, that was the beginning of many problems with that particular car. I ended up having it towed out of Eden's parking lot a few years later after donating it to the Salvation Army.

3. Do you take public transportation? When? What's your opinion of the experience? I'm most experienced with city trains. I've ridden the train into Cleveland to Indians games multiple times, and distinctly remember the urine smell in the hallway where I pay the fare. My other city train experience of note was just after I arrived in Atlanta last summer with my travel companion, and for almost the entire ride a woman sitting close to us softly preached about repenting, accepting Jesus, and being saved from hell.

4. Complete this sentence: _____________ has the worst drivers I've ever experienced. Well, Chicago is pretty insane, the one time I had to endure that fun road system on my own. But I'm going to give it to St. Louis, where they don't know why vehicles are equipped with blinkers and snow completely baffles them.

5. According to the Census Bureau, reverendmother's fair city has the 6th longest average commute in the United States at 29 minutes each way. How does your personal commute rate? 200 feet across the parking lot? I'd guess somewhere in the high millions.

Bonus for the brutally honest: It has been said, and the MythBusters have confirmed, that cell phones can impede driving ability almost as much as drinking. Do you talk on a cell phone while driving? Very, very rarely. Usually I'm being called by someone else. I try to keep an earpiece handy, and will begrudge people an answer if I don't have it. I drive a stick. I need both hands.