Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Write More About Baseball

Okay, so on Wednesday I got online to refresh the scoreboard on FoxSports 5000 times to "watch" the Detroit game. Nate Robertson was on the mound for the Tigers, which immediately made me worry. If Detroit has a weak link in their rotation, it's Robertson. Check that...Robertson AND Ledezma.

Lo and behold, Robertson gave up a stupid amount of hits and runs and Toronto won 7-4.

According to one sports writer on Thursday, when Robertson was pulled, he was booed walking off the field. The writer felt compelled to call Detroit fans "quickly spoiled" by their success. That was his explanation for the booing. Tiger fans are spoiled.

Yankee fans are spoiled. They watch a winning team year in and year out and if the team starts to falter, no problem, we'll just buy a good player from someone else. They're in the postseason all the time, they just won their 9th Division title in a row. And when a player isn't helping them win some more, they boo. Not help put together a Central Division title for the first time since really freaking long, just not help them win AGAIN.

Tiger fans are anxious. This season is too good to be true. It's been 19 years since we've seen a Division title. Excuse us if we don't want to settle for the wild card consolation prize. When the Tigers are only a game ahead of the guys right behind them (now tied with those guys), we don't expect Robertson to pitch well because he always has (Ha!). We expect him to pitch well because we want to see something that hasn't happened in almost two decades.

A little kid is spoiled when he gets up on Christmas morning and starts wailing that he got one less present than last year, but still has 26 total. A little kid is anxious when he gets up on Christmas morning, sees one present, and is overjoyed because someone finally thought of him. No one's given him a present in such a long time. He'll take extra care of it. He might even go a little nuts about it because it's his first present ever.

That's why Tigers fans aren't spoiled. That's why they booed Robertson the other night.

It's so close, and if we can get it we'll take extra care of it. Or maybe we'll get smug for a while. But right now it isn't smugness. We need something to be smug about first.

As of this entry, Chicago is kicking the crap out of Minnesota at the bottom of the 7th. If Detroit beats Kansas City tonight (freaking KANSAS CITY), they win the Division.

Stop killing us, fellas. We're anxious.

Go Tigers.

(And for the heck of it, because it's Saturday, Go Blue, too)

Edit: I realized that today I'm basically rooting against the entire state of Minnesota. Nothing personal.