Friday, September 08, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

So I was wandering around the local Borders last weekend, just for something to do. I had no intention of picking up a particular book, but then on those occasions I can end up taking home a bagful anyway. I perused the "3 for 2" tables and just started browsing the "New Paperbacks" table when my eye caught a familiar name and face on the cover of one such paperback. And that's how I started reading Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way. For those unfamiliar with the particular cult following of Bruce Campbell, he starred in the Evil Dead trilogy, the very mention of which causes Mrs. Jeff to roll her eyes involuntarily. At first I thought it would be another memoir like If Chins Could Kill, but it's actually a story of his experience working on a movie called Let's Make Love! starring Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger (it's not real, so you'll feel stupid if you try looking it up...I did). This is Bruce's more creative way of talking about the differences between "A" movies and "B" movies: budget, structure, organization, and so on. He throws in some wacky characters and hijinks along the way.

We watched Red Eye this past weekend. In the tradition of Speed and Phone Booth, we spend the majority of the film trying to outsmart the bad guy while trapped on a form of public service. Once we get off said form of public service, there is yet more outsmarting to be done which culminates in said bad guy meeting his end while perhaps saving the hostage/target at the same time if such a plot point applies. While the story and execution is pretty predictable, Cilian Murphy is cold and persistent and creepy as the bad guy, while Rachel McAdams We even get a little commentary thrown in concerning the treatment of public servants who are really doing their best but still get crapped on by customers with overdeveloped entitlement issues.

This part of the entry was written the day I learned that the Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin, died. This was a favorite TV show my junior year of college in the house I lived in. Whenever he was found on TV, the channel-surfing stopped. He made biology fun in a way that my crotchety junior high school science teacher didn't. At all. Had Steve Irwin been a part of my life in high school, I would have at least considered a career in some biological field. I'm not saying it's his fault I'm a pastor...he obviously loved what he did and I might have as well.

I've been listening to my Christopher Grundy CD a lot this week. Not only is he a singer-songwriter, but he's been a professor of preaching and worship at Eden Seminary for the past two years. I first heard him at a youth/young adult ministry conference in Atlanta called Come to the Feast, for which he wrote a song of same name. He could be classified as acoustic folk; good for setting a reflective mood.

Around the web, this is one of the best music videos I've ever seen.