Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

Yeah, it's a day early.

I started Thomas Merton's Peace in the Post-Christian Era this week, which is his response to nuclear war. This was written in 1961, not 20 years removed from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Merton was actually barred by his higher-ups from publishing this for quite a while. I'm not very far into it (I think it's because I'm not that into it), so not much more to say about that. I just don't look to Merton as an authority on war. He shares some good thoughts, but I'm just not that interested in this topic right now I guess. Or at least I'm not in a place where I think that reading about it will be very edifying or fruitful for me.

Again, I've been watching the Tigers when I can. I don't get to cheer a favorite baseball team to the playoffs very often. It was exciting to live in St. Louis for a couple years, but I mean American League teams specifically. Fortunately for Detroit, they play some pretty lowly teams the rest of the season. Stay back, Twins! You and your possible batting title-holding catcher and your late-season splurge and your Mall of America...yeah, you stay back. STAY!

I've been listening to Gomez this week. Their sound is pretty quirky, experimental. They remind me a little of Morphine.

Around the web, visit It's exactly what it sounds like. People put stuff on their cat and take a picture.