Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

Again, just a little early.

Scary Movie 4: the usual cast of characters does the usual mix of slapstick, fart jokes, and winking at the camera. The best moments actually aren't parodies of movies, but of real life. First, Leslie Nielsen as the president is listening to a little girl read a story about a duck in an elementary school classroom when an aid walks in to tell him that aliens are attacking. Our fearless leader replies, "Okay, hold on, I want to hear what happens to the duck." Then we get a send-up of the famous Tom Cruise Protests Too Much On Oprah segment, which I found hilarious. Most of the other jokes tried too hard, but making fun of how the people talk in The Village was amusing.

I saw my first-ever episode of Justice this week, and it was really good. It's in the same vein of Law and Order and CSI and borrows elements from both, except they end up showing you what really happened after the verdict and it isn't quite what was determined during the trial. This past week was a woman dying on a rollercoaster after hitting her head on the beam. So the lawyers argue over whether it was employee negligence or faulty equipment or not maintaining the ride, and then whose fault is it? The employee's? The company as a whole? They blame the company and win, and then we see that it was negligence and a bad seat belt. Pretty cool.

It's been kind of a throwback week, music-wise. I popped in a Toad the Wet Sprocket CD that I listened to pretty frequently in high school, mostly because of this song and video.

What if there was a website that streamed every episode of The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Futurama? What if you could just go to this website and find your favorite episode, watch it over and over, and never get any work done? What's that? Such a site exists? Yeah, it does.