Thursday, September 21, 2006

Quotable Again

A comment on one of Bob's entries:

Isn't that what being a pastor is all about? Not the being busy, but the being overwhelmed by our own inadaquecies and God's ability make things happen despite our weaknesses. Of course, I think I would prefer to be overwhelmed by how smoothly my life is going and how great my abilities are, but reality inevitably sets in and God has to take over. Thank Goodness.


Mystical Seeker said...

After reading Barbara Brown Taylor's book "Leaving Church", all I can say is, it amazes me that there exist people out there with the coping skills and the aptitude and the desire to be a pastor.

Rachel Nguyen said...

I think that is what being a Christian is all about.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my week this week. I mess up, and I mess up, and I mess up some more, but somehow, God intervenes and grace takes over.

-That girl from Chicago

Jeff Nelson said...

"Chicago Girl," that's the kind of week I've had, too.

Got your message. Been meaning to call.