Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Choice Made

You may or may not remember the other week when I was asked to be on my Association's uber-Consistory.

Well, I realized yesterday that I hadn't called my colleague back yet, probably much to her dismay.

Last week, a longtime congregation member died and the family couldn't have been more appreciative that I'd been available to minister to them.

Yesterday, I stopped by a hospice facility to pray for a father with terminal cancer...a request made after his own pastor hadn't visited in over a week.

This morning, one of our church's little treasures stopped by to give me pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and say, "Tank you, Pastoh Jeff." And I got her to "Boo yah!" a whole bunch of times.

This afternoon, I sat with a young woman who will be a first-time mother probably sometime early tomorrow morning. She and the father-to-be expressed so much excitement and nervousness...mostly through how they joked with each other and with their other visitors.

Tonight, I stopped by calling hours for a woman saying goodbye to her older brother...the first of six siblings to die.

Why, I asked myself, do I want to detract from all of this with another committee meeting? What would I really be missing if I my month had this big Council-shaped mass in it? I might miss being silly with a little girl. I might miss holding a newborn baby. I might miss a family's prolonged goodbye to one of their central pillars.

That ain't right, man. It just ain't.

This afternoon, I respectfully declined. My call is to all of these complicated people and all their crazy, joyful, anxious, tearful, wonderful lives.

I'm already on a committee, and it helps people like me better serve people like them. And it is enough.

It is enough.


Jim Jannotti said...

Amen, bro!

And may God bless you for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pastor Jeff.

Daniel said...

Sounds like a good decision to me. Its great to know you are outworking your calling.