Further "Vacation" Week Musings

Thursday night I had what I'll consider my first true vacation moment of the week.

I sat in bed, Mrs. Jeff already drifting off to sleep, the volume on an eventual Cardinals victory turned down low. I was more interested in listening to the new Robert Randolph than whatever Joe Buck had to say, so I popped on my headphones. All the while, a rich glass of cabernet accompanied my sampling of new music and viewing of my favorite sports pastime.

I sat there, my only light coming from the glow of the 13" screen...and I experienced a peace and a level of relaxation that you can't manufacture. Even my realizing it in the moment didn't ruin it. I'd come to a point I'd been clamoring for all week long...and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time if you'd known anything about my day.

On Friday night, I stumbled across a Dana Carvey standup routine from 1995 playing on HBO. I used to have it on tape, but lost it. Carvey does this "choppin' broccoli" song near the end that made me laugh so hard that I cried the first time I heard it.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm batching it this weekend. We'd planned a trip to see the Mrs. Jeff family but I had to stay behind. She's there, not for any emergency reasons, but just to spend time with her people. Your latest update of total nonsensical weirdness is this: Father-in-Law was looking at a liver transplant months ago, but started getting better. He was put back on the list a few weeks ago, and now the artery causing all the problems isn't blocked any more. Chalk it up to the power of prayer, or providence, or sheer luck, or a medical miracle, or whatever, but for the whole family, it's just a happy kind of weird.

It's a combination of moments like this--big and small--that help wipe away a week or so of disappointment.

I want to have some friends over tonight to watch the World Series with me. I haven't seen these people since I got 'em married. I hope they're free.

And then on Sunday morning I'll go wherever I feel like for worship.

I'll make this a vacation week still, or hurt myself trying.

That, and take another day here and there over the next few weeks before all the holiday fun starts.

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