Friday, October 20, 2006

GalPals Word Association Meme

Someone over at the GalPals is preaching from Job 38. I am not preaching this Sunday since I'm on "vacation." Nevertheless, these five words were pulled from the designated OT lesson and got me thinking about the lectionary anyway. The gist is that one has to write out the first thing one thinks of for each word.

Whirlwind - My "vacation" week in a nutshell. It upsets everything and it blows.

Foundation - The hymn "How Firm a Foundation." We actually sang it just last Sunday.

Lightning - The weather here the past couple days has included lightning. It also made me think of the Tampa Bay hockey team, which I don't care about. Go Wings.

Den - A cozy place where I, like my grizzly mammal friends, can go to escape. Mine happens to include baseball memorabilia and a computer.

Prey - What the Cardinals are now to the Tigers. There's no escaping the baseball references for at least another week.