Sunday, October 29, 2006

Late Sunday

I've never had acid reflux like I have had the past week or so. It started as a strange pain in my upper abdomen that came and went. I got really worried at first because I've never had that sort of pain in that spot before. But then came the noticeable lack of appetite and the burping that brought a little something extra with it that I had to swallow back down. I found out today that acid reflux can be stress-related. The stomach starts producing extra acids when you're nervous. Crappy eating helps too, and I've been doing some of that. But I've eaten crappily before and haven't had this happen. The newness bothers me a lot, because it makes me wonder what sort of stress level I'd need to have for this to happen for the first time ever.

[This paragraph used to feature a lot of complaining. Now it's all gone.]

I live next to a church. It's sitting over there now a dark empty building. How many hours a week is it in that state?

We're out of coffee. What am I gonna do when I get up tomorrow?

I love my drums again. I neglected them for too long. The other day I think I went a little more deaf. I should buy some earplugs while I play.

October is basically over. November will go fast.

It's time to post this and go to bed.