Monday, October 23, 2006


The Masked Doctoral Student just got back from Minnesota, and was glad not to have been required to surrender the jars of sauce he was carrying:

That's right, gentle readers, BE AWARE: If you fly on an American airline you are now NO LONGER allowed more than three fluid ounces of gels, pastes, or liquids. This, of course, includes all manner of simmer sauces and tomato pastes. I suppose the fear is that through some application of scientific knowledge I could somehow have made either:

A) Spaghetti (a truly tasty, edible object on an airplane flight has been, if not forbidden, certainly taboo for decades)
B) Some sort of concentrated super-acid which might have been used to blind the flight attendants and also to burn through the cabin door locking mechanism allowing me unfettered access to a machine I am wholly incapable of operating successfully.

Bob Hyatt has an excellent post about how pastors might determine who needs their attention, who wants their attention, and how to budget time in light of all of it.

Now, clearly- I write about this lightly- but all of these people are people. There are times when the Holy Spirit gives you, the pastor, a kick in the pants and you make room for someone for whom you might otherwise not, "just because." Or maybe you want to make a renewed effort with someone. For whatever reason, this taxonomy might get juggled- but it seems a helpful way to think through prioritizing your people time.

The main thing to realize is this: Not everyone who asks for your time should get it, or get it in equal amounts. As a pastor, you are not "First come, first served." Your role in your community, and the calling on your life is too important not to think through how and with whom you spend your time.

Finally, my buddy at Jeremiah's Field is rooting for the Cardinals, and has declared war on Kenny Rogers. Heh.