Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Morning Celebrating

The Detroit Tigers beat the New York Yankees in the playoffs. There is no one part of that sentence that feels as good all by itself. Kenny Rogers really did pitch the game of his life, and Jeremy Bonderman followed it up with five innings of perfection. If the Yankees had won, would we have seen them run back onto the field from the locker room with champagne to celebrate with their fans, people who have waited to see something like this for 19 years instead of, well, again? The As will be tougher. They actually have pitchers. But this is a much better moment than dropping three to the (FREAKING) Royals.

Do other pastor readers know that October is Clergy Appreciation Month? I didn't until last October when a whole bunch of cards started showing up from church members. My church takes it pretty seriously. Yesterday, one member got up and presented a gift card to a local sushi restaurant in recognition of the month. I wanted to use it after worship for lunch, but I think we'll use it today. This, too, was a much better moment than my oversensitive hiccup last Sunday. I've almost logged two years here, and have some big exciting (to me) plans for years three and four. It's nice to be loved, because I really do love them back.