Friday, October 13, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

This week I started Don't Eat This Book by Morgan Spurlock. You may know Spurlock from his documentary Super Size Me. Well, now he's written a book further detailing our nation's battle with its own obesity and fast food's contribution to it. It was between this book and Fast Food Nation (which I've been wanting to read forever), and I finally went with Spurlock because I knew it'd be humorous and FFN looked a little more dense. I'm not very far along into it, just the first chapter or so. Spurlock begins with a rant about warning labels: those little fresheners in sneakers that say "Do Not Eat," for instance, probably didn't have a label on them until somebody thought they were mints. Cigarettes, he says, haven't always had labels on them either. But the difference between the two is that there isn't a billion-dollar campaign to get kids hooked on sneaker mints as young as possible. This is his introduction to our nation doing things that we know are bad for us.

Months and months ago, we rented The Island through Netflix. Actually, Mrs. Jeff put it in our queue. It sat on the TV for months with an occasional comment from me: "Can we watch this stupid movie soon so we can send it back and get a good one?" We never did. We finally sent it back unwatched. This week it was on HBO and we caught it close enough to the beginning that it counts, and watched the whole thing. It wasn't terrible. It raises the question whether clones have souls and some "playing God" commentary. My most burning question came after they free the clones at the end: "So, where are they going to live now?" I mean, it's good that they're free and won't be harvested for parts, but now they have to find apartments, get jobs, set up an insurance policy, learn to drive...don't bother with this movie.

Well, let me check my watch here. Huh. Friday the 13th. Oooooooooooo. But wait, let me pull up the TV schedule to see if there are any scary shows on. Nope. Just Game 3 at Detroit with Rogers pitching and a 2-0 game lead. Mwah ha ha!! But besides that, we watched the season premiere of Ghost Hunters this week. They visited Tombstone and saw and heard a whole bunch of cool stuff. A cable got lifted off an alarm bell. They caught phantom music on tape. Jay and Grant by far had the best one: they both saw a full-bodied woman in a white dress run down the stairs. No tape of that, but they separately confirmed it. Sweet.

I picked up the new Decemberists. It's not outstanding, but it provides the usual mix of folk rock with silly-depressing lyrics.

Around the web, RealLivePreacher talks about the religion of denial.