Friday, October 20, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

Did you know that corporations sponsor lobbyist organizations masked as "research councils" to release statements that their products are not unhealthy, bad for the environment, or otherwise harmful to the universe? Did you know that McDonald's has a franchise just down the road from the Dachau concentration camp? Did you know that October 16th is World Anti-McDonald's Day in England? All this and more you can learn from Don't Eat This Book. On occasion, Spurlock rides the line between presenting facts and implying a World McDonald's Conspiracy to Make Us Fat (as opposed to simple irresponsibility on both their part and ours), but it's still enjoyable all in all.

I stayed up to see who the Tigers are facing in the World Series. In light of last night's result, I'd like to quote something that I wrote on this blog back in July:

There was one beautiful moment during the All Star game last night that I wanted to make sure my wife shared with me.

Pudge Rodriguez was catching.

Kenny Rogers was pitching.

Albert Pujols was batting.

I said to my wife, 'Just pretend with me for a moment. Just pretend that it's late October.'

And we sat in silence. Pujols flied out and just like that the moment passed.

It could happen, friends. This year it could happen.

And now it's going to happen. But still...go Tigers.

Hey, if you aren't a wrestling fan, you missed the best thing ever on Monday Night RAW this week. Kevin Federline got the crap beat out of him by John Cena. It was glorious. Yes, I know it's fake, but everyone loved it anyway. K-Fed called the crowd a bunch of "posers." He gets irony. It was great.

I'm taking my time reading these days, and combine that with the "vacation" week I'm having and I just want to listen to my music. Relix magazine alerted me to The John Popper Project, which sounds a lot like Blues Traveler except it includes DJ Logic. A few pages later, I read that Robert Randolph also has a new album out, which I've found to be more high-energy than his last. Even the song that most closely resembles a ballad is pretty driven. He does a cover of "Jesus Is Just Alright," which I found amusing, and they get help on other songs from Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, and Leroi Moore (also from DMB).

Around the web, watch these guys in coats.