Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This has become a week of waiting.

It's supposed to be my last vacation week of the year before the whirlwind of November/December descends on our little church. I suppose that, in a way, I'm still waiting for it to start.

Monday, I had to tie a loose end that I didn't tie before the week started.

Yesterday, I got an emergency phone call from a church member's family who was given another day or two. They wanted prayer. They had no way of knowing I'm technically on vacation, but I also wasn't about to correct them. I spent an hour or so by her side and with the assorted relatives who were there. I suppose that now I'm waiting to get The Phone Call.

Last night while getting ready for bed I had to reflect on the experience through my dying parishioner's eyes. What is it like knowing that you're not long for this world, surrounded by your family and your pastor who are waiting for you to take your last breath? I don't know how aware she is of all this, but it has to have an effect if she is.

Today, I'm still waiting for vacation to start. I have to put on my Church Representative hat and go talk about the church at some leadership class tonight. That can't be helped. Today is when it was scheduled months ago.

It's not like I had tickets to Bermuda this week or anything. Sometimes, laying down your responsibilities for a time is enough and that's all this was supposed to be. Life has made other plans.

Apart from all that, I didn't realize how long a wait it would be for the World Series. And I'm regretting hoping for the Cards to win the NL. They have the better starting pitching. But at least the longer series screws up their plans for who starts Game 1.

I was also waiting for Nice Fall, and then I blinked and missed it. Now we're in Crappy Brown November Fall already.

Back to waiting.