Thursday, October 05, 2006

What's In Your Cup?

October is Fair Trade Month.

Fair Trade is the paying of a set minimum wage to coffee farmers, first to pay them what they need and deserve and second to help stimulate the economy in which they find themselves. These farmers find themselves in more depressed regions of Latin America and South America, and in a free trade environment see diminishing returns for their labor, barely enough to support themselves. The United States consumes 1/5 of the world's coffee, and coffee is second only to oil in how widely-traded a commodity it is. So yeah, it's important.

Learn more about what Fair Trade is here.

And here's something I wrote a while ago about how much better Fair Trade coffee tastes. Drink a cup of Equal Exchange "Mind, Body and Soul" and then a cup of Maxwell House and seriously tell me Maxwell House is better. I will laugh at you. HA.

That's how justice tastes, man. Truly good to the last drop.


Jim Jannotti said...

I love Equal Exchange but can't find it out here (though, now that I say that I should admit that I haven't actually looked in over a year). Whenever I visit NE Ohio I pick some up.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow clergyperson (and 1990 Eden Seminary Graduate) I join you in praise of Equal Exchange coffee and tea! We have both for sale ongoing at the Unitarian Universalist Church where I worship and it is all that is served in our home. Thanks for the blog entry...I happened upon it when searching for some things for my work as a Hospital Chaplain and Alzheimer's Association Advocate!

Blythe said...

Check out
Beneficio coffee is a great company and we buy it by the case to serve at church and sell to members. Cheaper than going to the health food store because you are skipping the retailer and even more goes to the farmer. They even came to our church and made a presentation about the justice issues related to coffee, which convinced many of my members to switch.