Friday, November 03, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

I'm finally finished with Don't Eat This Book. From beginning to end, this was an indictment of what we eat and all the factors of why we compel ourselves to eat it. Did you know that the USDA's Food Pyramid has changed twice since it first came out, mainly because various parts of the food industry whined that their piece was too small (and thus would drive profits down)? Yeah, our best interests are being kept at heart there.

At our Halloween get-together this past Friday, Mrs. Jeff popped in Underworld before I had a chance to stop her. In fact, I think she purposely did it while I was out of the room (actually, I would have put in Army of Darkness, which is probably another reason she took her opportunity). I don't know why she likes this movie so much. You have to pay extra attention to get all the convoluted backstory, and seriously, vampires and werewolves using guns? Biting gets you too dirty and bloody nowadays I guess.

I'm at a loss for TV shows now that baseball is over. I watch Michigan play football when I can, and while college football is my second favorite sport (take a hike, NFL), it still doesn't capture my interest the way baseball does (unless they're playing Those Yahoos Down South, in which case I acquire a temporary craving for blood). The success of the Pistons and Cavs the past few years has inspired me to watch more basketball, but again it's not baseball. Sigh.

Lately I've been in a Black Keys sort of mood.

Around the web, in honor of Election Day, here's Stephen Colbert with The Word on voting.