Friday, November 24, 2006

Pop Culture Roundup

I haven't made any progress on Spook at all. I just haven't set any time aside to read. So it's a wonder that I've decided to alternate between Roach's book and Thomas Merton's autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain. I've heard good things about it...that it's some of Merton's best writing. If I'd actually read either of these before typing this, I'd have more to say.

We saw Casino Royale this past week, which was excellent. Daniel Craig should alleviate any hardcore fan's fears that he'd make a poor Bond. He's actually one of the better ones. This is a gritty, no-BS Bond along the lines of Connery. Brosnan was too noble, too clean. Craig's Bond is more morally ambiguous. The black-and-white sequence at the beginning was my favorite. The love story is actually a love story, whereas in other Bond movies the girl is just a nice bit of frosting on the cake after beating the bad guy....and it doesn't go too well after a while. While a little long, it was worth it.

I popped in Stockholm Syndrome the other day. This is a side project from Widespread Panic's bassist, Dave Schools, and a couple other guys. It's not my favorite but it's fun.

Around the web, here's a video of my brother slipping on the ice while curling with some friends.